Buying glasses online is simple

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Learn how to access all the services you have for yourself, buying online is very easy and fast ...


comprar gafas paso 1

Click in ""EYEGLASSES" in the top navigation menu if you want eyeglasses with or without prescription. If you want to buy only the frame without lenses you just have to select the frame you want to buy and on the description page click on "AGREGAR AL CARRITO" (ADD TO CART) and then "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT". If you want to buy frames and lenses, continue with step 2 - Choose your lenses below
Click on "SUNGLASSES" if you want to buy 100% original sunglasses with garanteed UV protection. Just select the sunglasses you want and clic on "AGREGAR AL CARRITO" (ADD TO CART) and then "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT".

boowse our selection of eyeglasses and pick one you likeTry them on, ...HOW? modelo-tryon.

Just select the type of frame you want and the material you are looking for. If you want to see more options, choose "all materials" and click on the search icon. When you click on any of the frames, the chosen frame will appear in the photo of the Try On. Here you can select one of three options: 1) Take a photo of your face with your computer camera 2) Upload a photo you already have, or 3) continue using the models that come with the program.

You can do the same with every frame you like. Try on as many as you want. The Try On option will also be found on the frame description page. Clicking on "Probar ahora" (Try Now) will open the online eyewear tester or Try On 

Paso 2- Select Lenses

Once you have selected your frame, and if you need prescription lenses, then click on “ SELECCIONAR LENTES" (SELECT LENSES) and follow the 5 steps:


If you need your glasses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, the select VISIÓN SENCILLA (SINGLE VISION)

If you have presbyopia and need glasses to see at distance and near at the same time, then select BIFOCALES (BIFOCALS).

If you have presbyopia and want to see at all distances, select PROGRESSIVES (PROGRESIVOS)




The information you need is in your eyeglass prescription. You will numbers for each of your eyes. (¿How to read my eyeglass prescription?).

If you don't under stand your prescription, you can send it to us via WhatsApp or E-mail.
If you don't know your pupillary distance, click on “No conozco mi distancia pupilar”, and follow the instrcutions to obtain the measurement virtually.



Here you can select the lens package that best fit your prescription. For a weak prescription, up to +/-2.00, you will find more options for your lenses, from standard to high index materials. Keep in mind that, the better the material is, the higher the price




Here you can select the type of color you want for your lenses, or lenses with no color at all:
Clear Lenses: without any color
Light adjunsting lenses: TRANSITIONS o PHOTOCHROMIC
Colored lenses (Sunglasses): TINTED, MIRRORED, OR POLARIZED. paso-5



If in the previous step yu selected PHOTOCHROMIC, here you will find options for TRANSITIONS o FOTOCROMÁTICO
If in the previous step you selected Colored lenses, here you will find the different color options for your lenses
The mirrored and tinted lenses come in a different color intensity. Select the intensity according to your needs.

Paso 3- Te enviamos tus gafas por correo

Once you have selected your glasses, then click on AÑADIR AL CARRITO (add to cart)".
if your order seems right, then click on "Realizar Pedido" to pay for your glasses. Once in the checkout page, fill up the information required, your name and address. It would be easier if you register, although you can also continue as a visitor

The payment will be integrated with PayU in a secure and convenient way. You can select the type of payment, either with credit or debit card, or through Effecty or Balotto. Once the payment is completed, will send you a confirmation email thanking you for the purchase. will then process your order and will mail it you as soon your glasses are ready!

You will receive your eyeglasses within 5 to 15 days, depending on the complexity of the prescription and the location of your home or place of delivery.

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